Summer FUN!

SUMMER FUN is happening now!!!! Children aged 5-11 can come to the Community Complex building Monday-Thursday, from 10 am to 3 pm, for a day of fun. And the best part, it’s free :)

Activities planned for this week are:
It’s “Around The World” Week!
July 24th: We are going to be travelling to Ancient Egypt! We are going to have Mummy Races and make playdough that looks like sand. And also go on a hunt to find the Ancient mummy!
July 25th: Today we are going to be exploring Mexico. As well as making our own maracas and having a little party and breaking open a piñata!
July 26th: Welcome to lovely Spain we are going to be playing soccer and a game we like to call pin the tail on the bull. And then for a craft we are going to be making sombreros out of mini flower pots.
July 27th: Welcome to the Australian Outback! Come for a fun day of exploring different things to do in Australia. We are going to be making a craft and they are going to be boomerangs. Oh and don’t forget to wear clothes that you can get wet in because we are going to be having a water balloon fight and also playing tunnel ball!

******You can see the full schedule by clicking here.******

Children must be registered on the first day they attend Summer Fun. Advance registration is available; complete this 2017 Registration Form and bring it to the Village Office, or to the Complex when you drop off your children.

You can see more information about Summer Fun here: Summer Fun Parent Letter, 2017

If you have any questions, call the Village office at 403-824-3555 or contact this year’s coordinator, Allison Feenstra, at 403-715-5996 or

Are you too old to attend summer fun? Consider volunteering! It’s a great way to participate, and looks good on your resume. Please register with the Village Office if you’re interested.

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