Municipal Election 2017

ELECTIONOctober 16, 2017

For more information:
***There will be a FREE candidate training event in Lethbridge on September 11,
see this Candidate Training Flyer SLGM 2017 for more information.***

 Nobleford Municipal Council and Palliser School Board Election is October 16, 2017

Nomination Day is Monday, September 18, 2017
***other dates relevant to election and those elected can be seen here***

Nobleford elects 5 Councillors for a 4 year term.
1 School board trustee shall be elected from our area.

Candidate Information Packages will be available at the Municipal Office in early September

Nobleford Returning Officer: Karen Feenstra –
Palliser School Returning Officer: Joanne Siljak –

Commonly Asked Questions about Civic Elections:

Who is Qualified and eligible to run in the election?
You must be a least 18 years of age on Nomination day, a Canadian Citizen, and must have been a resident of Nobleford for the six consecutive months prior to Nomination day. You are not eligible to be a candidate if: you are an employee of the municipality, your taxes are in arrears of more than $50 for more than 90 days, or have any debt with the municipality in excess of $500. The New Municipal Government act requires the Councillor education and training be offered.

Do Councillors get paid?
Yes. Council sets the rate of pay. In 2016 the average annual honorarium amount paid to each Councillor was $4500. Approximately 30 formal meetings per year and more informal activities. This is an elected public service position with significant obligation. If you are looking for a paying job, elected office will probably be disappointing to you. Palliser School trustee was paid $24,000.

Do I need a computer, Internet, Cell phone?
NO. The Village provides each Councillor with a laptop computer and secured code access to internet at the Village office or in the near vicinity. All meeting information is provided on thumb drives. Each Councillor is assigned an email account. It is not a requirement for you to have internet at home or cell phone.

What is the time commitment?
The demands on your time will be heavy. You will be continually learning. As an elected official you will be expected to commit to attending regular council meeting, committee meetings, agency meetings, seminars, educational workshops, and you are expected to be well prepared for these activities. A fundamental to being an effective elected official is your preparation for meetings and activities. The work load to prepare for the meeting or activities is often more than the actual meeting. There is significant reading required, basic computer skills is required. The computer is loaded with general Village bylaws, policies and records and is used at each Council meeting and other meeting. The typical regular council meeting package will contain an average of 30 or more pages of documentation. By using the laptop computer, you are able to avoid paper clutter and better organize your records in a readily available manner.

What is the position and the powers of a municipal council?
As a member of council you will have the opportunity to significantly influence the future of your Municipality, Community, Province and Country.
The Canadian constitution delegates the responsibility for municipal institutions to the provinces. The Alberta Legislative Assembly has delegated some of its authority to municipal council. The act you will most often use is the Municipal Government Act. You are required to take an oath of office as well as abide by a code of ethics.
Council creates policy and has the power to impose local bylaws.
It is Councils duty to establish policy for your municipality and hire a Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). It is the job of the CAO to manage the Village. You will need the support, advice and assistance of the CAO if you are to be an effective member of council

Can I put campaign signs up in Nobleford?
Yes, you may put signs on public property; they must be removed the day after the election. You may put signs on private property providing permission is granted.

When does the newly elected Council take over Governing from existing Council?
Within 2 weeks of Election Day, the Nobleford CAO will administer oaths of office to the new Council and Council will meet to organize the new Government and select a Mayor. The existing Council Governs until that organizational meeting.

Where can I find information?
The best way to find out what is involved is to spend some time reading the Municipal Government Act, read the Village minutes book (or online), bylaws, agendas and speak with the present and past, CAO, Mayor and Councillors.  Contact, Kirk Hofman, CAO or Returning Officer Karen Feenstra, at the Village Municipal Office.

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