Thank you for your volunteer citizenship.

There is so much represented in the slogan 100 years of growing together.

100 years ago. a group of 100 settlers gathered to incorporate Nobleford as a Municipality in Alberta. Those first citizens are the foundation of the healthy lifestyle displayed in our community that we share today. It has been said that There is no such thing as a bad idea….but someone has to do the work. Leadership, faith, perseverance, diligence, and working together were often how things got done. It is much the same today. Everyone has an opinion, some ideas, some criticism, but the positive results are produced by those who do the work. Historically, the Nobleford community often gathers in groups to helped build Nobleford. Nobleford Societies have been the fabric of Nobleford social activities, many projects, and are made up of exemplary citizens known as VOLUNTEERS. It is the unselfish intent and actions of these citizens that we all benefit from. We all know that we could each do more for our neighbors and community but don’t have the time or resources on our own. One option for you is to join a society and share in the rewards and successes together.  Please take some time to ask Nobleford Volunteers about what they are doing. Nobleford is a better place because of them.

THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS, past present and future, as we continue to grow together.

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