Message from Mayor

January 17, 2017:

The Chinook will come…I hope. WOW! What a stretch of off kilter weather. We have had ice in our backyard rink for at least 3 weeks and it just sits there, covered in snow. Other years the ice would be covered in hockey players and probably an inch of melting slush. Our main hockey player took sick just before school let out and since he recovered it has been too cold or windy or both to use the rink. Hopefully he gets some time on it before it goes the way of all backyard rinks in this part of the country.

The unusual snowfall has brought out a seldom seen phenomenon to these parts of the country. Snow machines on our streets! While nobody minds seeing one on the streets as it idles it way out of town, we do not wish to see our Village streets and avenues used regularly by these machines. Thanks.

Our roadways seem to end up in this column on quite a regular basis. PLEASE…SLOW DOWN! The roads are slippery, driving conditions are not the best. The school grounds is still restricted to 30 kph. Be careful. Should you have an accident involving injury or death to another person, you will suffer with that memory for the rest of your life. Driving a safe speed and obeying the traffic laws may add another 30 seconds to your travel time but it is a memory that is soon forgotten, unlike the alternative.

I would like to give a big THANK YOU to the Village staff for going the extra mile during the holidays. Thanks to Kirk, Logan and Cody for plowing at all hours so the rest of us could travel safely. Well done guys!

The Chinook will come…

Don McDowell

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