Message from Mayor

May 20, 2017:

The usual topic for this time of year would have to do with gardening or yard clean up or the beautiful weather…

Not today! The message today is much more sobering.


You have probably heard that another armed robbery occurred in our Village just recently. This is not an isolated occurrence and one that has become all too familiar to those involved. The very thought of someone approaching me, armed with a weapon and demanding money or goods leaves me shaken to the core. This is a situation I hope I never find myself in and yet the staff at the Nobleford Market have had this happen not twice but three times. Armed robbery…in Nobleford! Three times! The last one occurred just as we received the news that the previous robber had received a five year jail sentence.

In this space in the past I have suggested we all be vigilant. Please continue to look out for yourselves and your neighbours. It is still the best way to fight back against unwanted activity in our Village. Call the RCMP. Get licence plate numbers. Take a picture.

Nobleford has a reputation as a place where good things happen.

We need to reclaim our lost virtue.

Towards that goal, security cameras will be placed on Village owned property and will overlook our major streets and byways. We hope to have the system up and running in the very near future.

We want our peaceful Village returned to us. No one should live in fear!

Your feedback and suggestions, as usual, are valued. Please don’t hesitate to call or email myself or the Village office.

Be Safe!

-Don McDowell


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