2018 Centennial Anniversary

What’s in Store for our Nobleford Centennial in 2018?
Incorporated February 28, 1918

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Quilt Show

  • NOBLEFORD PARKS AND RECREATION SOCIETY = Legacy silhouette displays, electrical service, park lighting, park enhancements in Centennial Park, 2017
  • LEGION Pavilion = Centennial Park, 2017
  • CENTENNIAL SOCIETY = is writing and will publish a history book, organizing events including August 6-12, 2018 celebration week
  • TAX FREE year in 2018 on the Municipal portion of residential property taxes
  • Volunteers are building a Bicycle motocross track (BMX track)

Nobleford Village Council has pledged nearly $70,000 in matching funding support, and other administration support from the Village under policy #02-22 for Community initiatives projects. The Village Council does not use Municipal tax dollars collected from you for any of these projects. Municipal funding comes from subdivision profits.  Nobleford has had the lowest property tax in Alberta for a number of years and compared to the average property taxation since 2008, has left an average of over $10,000 in each residential property owner’s pocket and even more for industrial, commercial and farmland property owners….. Consider directing this money left in your pocket to projects in Nobleford

  • Paving overlay of Highway Avenue is COMPLETE. Approved $148,000 grant from Provincial Government (MSI)
  • NEW Railway Avenue sewer line is COMPLETE. $650,000, 70/30 grant.
  • Paving of North Railway Avenue, cancelled due to no support from local improvement contribution.
  • Additional NEW treated water storage dome reservoir $870,000. 50/50 grant

These are just a few of the projects you can look forward to. If you would like to include your project on this list or want more information, contact the Village office.

Centennial Society Update, April 1 2017
Nobleford Monarch History Book – October 2017 Update

March 11, 2014 Centennial Committe Meeting Minutes
Years of Council, 1918-2018

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