Recreation Facilities

WATER SPRAY PARK – Between Barons Street and 10A Street (open on the last week in June and operates until the first week of September).

Spray Park, June 28 2017

D  Nobleford spray pk 2013 web (2)

nobleford fitness 2013 web  Nobleford spray pk 2013 web (1)

2012 Nobleford spray park 2012 

Spray Park History 2016

Play and Fitness sponsors sign Spray park Volunteer sign

Spray park Donations
 nobleford kenex pk 2014.. (2)

BMX Track History & Future 2016

Nobleford Community Complex – contact the Village office for rental.

Rubie Park – In Rubie Crescent rubie climb wall plaque
 Nobleford Rubie Park Climbing WallDSC07943DSC07944
Rubie Park History 2016

Centennial Park – King Street Centennial Park, web

Nobleford Centennial playground 2014
Centennial Park History 1967-2018

Soccer Field by Noble Central School

Nobleford Walking Path and Soccer Field

Paved Walking Path History 2016

Nobleford paved path recognitionNobleford path donors

Curling Club – 112 Kipp Street

Skateboard ParkNobleford Skate Park MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Skate Park History 2016


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