Fees & Rates


RESIDENTIAL RATES per account. All water is metered

Basic Water Rate,                              $24.00 bimonthly                                                                    

January 1 –December 31 water rate                   $  .60 per m3

Over 100 m3 (22,000 gallons), bimonthly-                    $  1.40 per m3

SEWER RATES-                                                                  $20.00 bimonthly

GARBAGE RATES –                                                                $30.00 bimonthly.


Potable Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Bulk, WATER RATES. All water is metered

Basic Water rate for Commercial, Industrial, Institutional $24.00 bimonthly

January 1 –December 31 water rate                                    $1.40 per m3

BULK WATER RATES – Double Barons/County rate       $2.80 per m3

 SEWER RATES –                                                                     $20.00 bimonthly

 GARBAGE RATES –                                                                $30.00 bimonthly.

Potable Water Conveyance rates outside of the Corporate limits of Nobleford. All water is metered

Excluding Municipalities, A prepaid conveyance agreement with the property owner with a $600 deposit is required.

*Barons and County water line rate, cost plus 5%           $1.40 per m3

Treated potable water, Double Barons/County rate     $2.80 per m3 or minimum of $100 bimonthly

Bulk water via hydrant                                                           $4.00 per m3

1 m3 = 219.9612 gallons.   1 cent per gallon =$2.19 m3

Water Disconnection Notice Web Sample


Spayed or Neutered      $20.00 plus GST – annually

Unspayed or Un-neutered       $40.00 plus GST – annually

Kennel License  $200.00 annual (required if there are 3 or more dogs at one residence)


Policy # 02-19. service fees Nov 2012

2015-2019 Permit Fee Schedule

Business License:  NO FEE for business licenses, renewed for 2017


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