5 Avenue Subdivision


The 5 Avenue Subdivision will see the addition of 11 fully serviced residential lots.


5 Avenue.


In late 2022, Council and Administration began discussions with a private developer to develop 11 residential lots along 5 Avenue on the east side of Nobleford. After the two parties could not finalize a deal, the Town made the decision to proceed with self-developing the lots. In early 2023, Associated Engineering began designing the subdivision, and McNally Contractors were selected in late May as the low bidder in a tendering process that saw six contractors bid for the project.

The costs associated with the project include engineering, construction supervision, paving, sidewalks, curb and gutter, installation of utility services, such as water, wastewater, and electrical lines, etc. 


Development commenced: June 2023 (expected)

Lots for sale: TBA

Estimated Completion: July 2023


Budget/Funding Sources:

Town of Nobleford Subdivision Reserves 

How does this benefit the community?

The subdivision will create new living spaces for the Town’s growing community. The Town will also see 5 Avenue and Cawdron Street connected to allow for traffic flow.

Strategic Alignment:

Strategic Priority #1: Critical Infrastructure 

Strategic Priority #2: Affordability

Strategic Priority #4: Enhance Town Appearance

Strategic Priority #5: Attract Investment


Last Updated: June 21, 2023