Resident Information

Utility Bill Information

The Town of Nobleford bills its residents bi-monthly and provides residents until the end of the month in which the utility bill was sent to pay their bill. At the end of each month, all unpaid utility amounts are subject to a 2% penalty. We encourage residents to review their bills regularly. For more information on how to read your utility bill, please continue reading.

Have more questions? please view Utility Frequently Asked Questions.

Having trouble understanding your utility bill? please view Understanding Your Utility Bill.

For more information regarding the Town utility rates, please view our Utility Page.

Utility Connections

Are you new to Nobleford? Please contact the Town Office to connect your utility account in-person or by phone (403) 824-3555.

Are you moving within or away from Nobleford? Please contact the Town Office to arrange a final utility bill. 

Customer Portal

The Town of Nobleford offers property owners the option to receive their utility bills, tax notices and invoices to a Customer Portal. You may enroll in Customer Portal at anytime by submitting the E-Consent Form to the Town Officer either in-person, by mail, or by emailing it to Once we have received the E-Consent form, we will contact you with more information regarding the registration of your account. 

Tenant Information

If you are a renter you are not the billing customer. In Nobleford, the property owner is the billing customer responsible for the utility account. The property owner will receive the utility bill and may provide you with a copy.

Meter Reading

Water meters are read near the end of the bi-monthly period by our Public Works department. If Public Works is unable to read your water meter, whether due to location or a broken meter, they may attempt to contact you to make arrangements. 

Broken Water Meters

When Public Works is unable to read your water meter it may be due to the meter being broken. In the instance of a broken water meter, Public Works may make an attempt to fix your meter. If the water meter is in need of replacement you may order one from the Town Office. Water meters cost $278.50 and the property owner is responsible for the install and all related costs. If broken water meters are not replaced within a reasonable period after notification, the utility account may be subject to additional charges. 

Waste Collection Information

The Town of Nobleford provides its residents with curb-side waste collection. Waste collection occurs every Monday, unless it falls on a Statutory Holiday, then collection will occur the following Tuesday. Residents are responsible for obtaining their own bins to place their garbage into until collection occurs. Please place garbage bins at the edge of curb Sunday evening or in the back alley, depending on your location. If you are unsure where to place your garbage for collection, please contact the Town office.

For a printable version of the 2024 garbage collection schedule, please click here.

Paying Your Utility Bill

For information on how to pay your utility bill, please view our Payments Page.


Streetlights are maintained by FORTIS. If you notice any streetlight issues, please report it using the Fortis Streetlight Repair Map or by contacting the Town office.

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