Development and Planning

The Town of Nobleford is responsible for delivering a wide range of municipal services to community residents. The Planning & Development Department provides a full range of current and long-range planning services.

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Subdivision Application

Those interested in submitting a subdivision application may contact the Town Office or the designated planner from Oldman River Regional Services Commission prior to submitting an application to the subdivision. 

Subdivision applications can be found here.

Subdivision and Development Appeals 

Subdivision and Development Appeal Boards (SDAB) hears appeals regarding decisions made by a municipality's subdivision and development authorities. Its decisions are based on the evidence presented to it during a public hearing. Briefly, the function of a SDAB is to provide a mechanism for interested parties to challenge:

  • A decision of a development authority on a development application.
  • A decision of a subdivision authority on a subdivision application.
  • The issuance of a stop order issued by the municipality. 

If an interested person disagrees with a decision on a development application or subdivision application, he/she may file a notice of appeal with the appropriate board. We recommend that individuals looking to file a development of subdivision appeal contact our office or the Oldman River Regional Service Commission prior to filling an appeal so that we can help you with the process. 

Guide to Subdivision and Development Appeals

Approved Development Permits

Permit #
Civic AddressUseZoneDecision DateEnd of Appeal Date
13-2024533 Kipp StreetDiscretionary R07/12/202407/26/2024
10-2024229 13 StreetDiscretionaryC/I07/16/202407/30/2024

Land Use Bylaw

Every municipality in Alberta is required to have a Land Use Bylaw as per requirements in the Municipal Government Act. The Land Use Bylaw establishes rules and regulations for land development as well as the process for making decisions for development permit applications within the Town of Nobleford.

The Land Use Bylaw includes land use districts (zones) such as Residential - R1, and Commercial/Industrial - CI in order to separate residential, commercial, and industrial land development and regulate specific land uses and buildings.

Each land use district (zone) has certain land uses that are permitted outright, others are conditional upon approval, and some are prohibited. Examples of land uses include a detached dwelling, merchandise sale, a restaurant. 

A Land Use Bylaw is made up of text and maps; the text sets forth the regulations for each land use district (zone) and the maps show what land use district (zone) applies to each parcel of land. 

Land Use Bylaw 

Municipal Planning Commission

The mandate of the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) is to advise and decide on land use, planning, development and subdivision issues. They act as the principal advisory committee of Town Council for planning matters. The MPC considers applications for subdivision approval and development permits, to which shall either be approved or refused. 

To access MPC Meeting Minutes click here.

Oldman River Regional Service Commission

The Oldman River Regional Service Commission (OORSC) provides a spectrum of land use planning, subdivision, GIS, drone photography and assessment review services to municipalities spanning the Oldman and Mississippi watersheds. ORRSC is contracted by the Town of Nobleford to provide advice to administration and Council regarding land use planning matters. 

Municipal Development Plan

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) communicates the long term desired land use for the Town of Nobleford and serves a high-level blueprint showing how the community is expected to change over time and the shape it will take in the future. 

Nobleford's MDP can be found here.

Intermunicipal Development Plans

The Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDP) have been jointly developed between the Town of Nobleford and other municipalities to ensure land use decisions within the area are considered through a cooperative planning approach to support long-term interests of both municipalities.

Town of Nobleford & Lethbridge County IDP can be found here.

Amended Bylaw can be found here.