Business Licensing

Business License
The Business License Bylaw requires every individual conducting business in Nobleford to obtain a business license. Business license fees are due January 30. In addition, Those exempt from obtaining a business license include: 

  • Individuals under the age of eighteen (18) providing light services, such as snow shoveling, child minding, yard work, or news paper delivery.
  • Day homes or day cares in which children or adults are supervised during the day.
  • Participants of a Farmer's Market.

Click here for Business License application.

Please read Business License Bylaw for further clarification. 

Home Occupation 

For those conducting business out of their homes, a Home Occupation Permit is needed in addition to a business license. Home Occupation permits are needed to protect residential areas and districts from non-residential land uses. 

Click here for Home Occupation Permit application. 


Business$50.00 per year
$100.00 per year

$25.00 per day
Hawker or Peddler
$25.00 per year$25.00 per day
Direct Seller
$25.00 per year
$25.00 per year
Home Occupation
$30.00 one timeN/A