The Town of Nobleford provides its residents with water, sewer, and garbage services as per Bylaw No. 577. Bylaw No. 699 adjusts the rates for 2024. For utility due dates please look at our calendar.

Note: Basic utility charges apply to all properties vacant or occupied after 2 years of ownership. Outstanding account may be transferred to the title holder's property tax account.


The Town of Nobleford is one of the only municipalities within Lethbridge County to produce its own drinking water. Raw water is sourced from the LNID Canal and stored in reservoirs for storage during the summer months; from these reservoirs, the water is pumped to the Membrane Filtration plant for treatment before being distributed to customers. Nobleford prides itself in treating its water and then supplying it to town residents as well as those in Barons and Lethbridge County. 

Residential Rate: $55.50/bi-monthly + $0.83 per cubic meter of consumption.

Bulk Rate (over 100m3): $1.71 per cubic meter of consumption

Commercial Rate: $55.50/bi-monthly + $1.71 per cubic meter of consumption.

Bulk Rate (over 100m3): $4.53 per cubic meter of consumption

Outside Corporate Limits of Nobleford Rate: $110.00/bi-monthly + $3.26 per cubic meter of consumption

Bulk Rate (over 100m3): $4.53 per cubic meter of consumption

Bulk Rate via Hydrant (over 100m3): $5.00 per cubic meter of consumption


  • Base rates are per service line
  • Properties without operating meters may be subject to water billing penalties of $200.00 bi-monthly and disconnection.
  • A $50.00 reconnection fee shall apply.


Nobleford's sewage is directed north of town to the Wastewater Lagoon, which recently underwent a massive upgrade to continue supporting town residents.

Residential Rate: $30.00/bi-monthly

Commercial Rate: $30.00/bi-monthly

High Use Non-Residential Rate: $120.00/bi-monthly 

Institutional Rate: $120.00/bi-monthly 


  • Base rates are per unit


The Lethbridge Regional Waste Management Service Commission (LRWMSC) has partnered with the Town of Nobleford to provide garbage services to residents. The Town of Nobleford disposes all collected garbage at the designated Transfer Station, in which the LRWMSC then removes once it's full. The Transfer Station is also available for resident use, providing waste and recycling solutions.

Hours of Operation:

Thursday & Friday: 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Saturday: 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

*Garbage pickup will occur every Monday, if it is a statutory holiday pickup will occur the following day.

Residential Rate: $60.00/bi-monthly

Commercial Rate: $60.00-bi-monthly

Institutional Rate: $300.00-bi-monthly 

Commercial Cardboard Pickup Surcharge: $60.00-bi-monthly


  • Base rates are per unit