Bulk Water Station

 The Bulk Water Fill Station is located at 122 King Street, on the west side of the building (along Railway Avenue).

The Fill Station is operational 24/7 and is available for anyone to use. The system is operated either by pre-paid key fobs or debit/credit (coming soon). Key fobs must be purchased at the Town office during business hours for $25.00. Once purchased and an account has been created you can pre-load it with as much money as you like. You can load it at the Town office, or online at: https://text2car.com/index.php

 One of the main benefits of the key fob payment method is accurate tracking of bulk water consumption. In the coming weeks, debit and credit will be available methods of payment directly at the machine.

If there is an issue with the Bulk Water Fill Station or the payment system, please report it here: https://seeclickfix.com/web_portal/adMZAg8kKYkJS3unBmK1Dja2/report/category/52521

The 2024 Bulk Water Rate is: $4.53/m3