Emergency Management

Our Director of Emergency Management is responsible for developing and coordinating an emergency management program that ensures we are prepared, able to respond, and able to recover from emergencies and disasters, and able to assist our neighboring municipalities to maintain a high level of emergency preparedness.  

Alberta’s public safety system is susceptible to a wide range of weather, industrial and human created risks. Getting prepared for an emergency or disaster is your best bet for helping keep you and your family safe when disaster strikes. Being prepared means:

  • Knowing the risks in your community and the most appropriate way to respond to them. Contact your local municipal emergency management office for advice on identifying the risks in your area.
  • Making a plan for what your family will do, who they will contact and where they will go in the event of an emergency and practicing it regularly.
  • Pulling together a 72-hour kit with enough non-perishable food, water, medication, warm clothing and comfort items for all family members. Similarly, you should make a ready-to-go kit in case you need to evacuate your home quickly.