Raw Water Reservoir Rehabilitation and Expansion Project


The Raw Water Reservoir Rehabilitation and Expansion Project includes a complete rehabilitation to two of the Town's three raw water reservoir, as well as a 25% expansion to one of the rehabilitated reservoirs.


Highway 519 & Range Road 234


The Town of Nobleford sources its raw water from the Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District (LNID) canal south of Town, and stores it in three raw water reservoirs. The raw water reservoirs are filled with water from the canal during the summer months, in preparation for the winter months. From the raw water reservoirs, the water is treated at Nobleford’s Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and is then distributed for consumption.

In 2021, Public Works staff identified leaks within two of the Town’s raw water reservoirs, posing issues to the Town’s ability to provide residents with drinking water. The Town submitted an application to the Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership (AMWWP) to secure funding for the repair. In the Summer of 2022, the Province announced that the Town of Nobleford was successful in its grant application and was awarded a grant of up to $2.34 million towards the remediation of both the north and south reservoirs, and the expansion of the south reservoir.

In the Fall of 2022, preliminary engineering began on the project. In early 2023, two engineering firms presented their engineering proposals to Council, ultimately, WSP Engineering was awarded the raw water reservoir upgrade project. 

The project began in May of 2023, and is expected to be complete in mid-August.

Timeline:June 2023

Preliminary Engineering: September 2022

Contractor Selected: May 2023

Construction commenced: May 2023

Estimated Completion: August 2023


Funding Sources:

AMWWP Grant 

MSI Capital 2023

CCBF 2023

MSI Capital 2022

CCBF 2022 

Town of Nobleford Water Treatment Reserves 

Did you know? It is anticipated that grant funding will cover approximately 70% of the project!

How does this benefit the community?

The project will secure the Town's ability to store raw water. In addition, one of the two reservoirs will be expanded by approximately 25%, which will provide capacity for future growth.

Strategic Alignment:

Strategic Priority #1: Water

Last Updated: June 21, 2023