Skatepark Rehabilitation Project


The Town's pickleball courts, which were constructed in 2022, will receive a special court surface treatment, as well as the installation of nets and windscreens.


112 Kipp Street. East of the Nobleford Community Complex.


In 2005, the skatepark was constructed behind the Community Complex. However, in recent years concerns from residents over the safety of the skatepark has grown. In 2022, the Town began the skatepark rehabilitation project with the objective of expanding it into a multi-use sports park. As the condition of the skatepark did not meet Council’s standards, they decided to pour a completely new concrete surface to provide users with a smooth riding experience. The skatepark equipment was modified to improve safety and promote inclusion for all skill levels. Lights were installed to allow all day use of the area. Recognizing the challenges of a skatepark in the winter, Council ensured the skatepark was designed as an area that could be flooded during the colder months into an outdoor skating rink.

Located beside the skatepark, two Pickleball courts were also built to allow residents to play the increasingly popular sport of pickleball. The Pickleball court is still awaiting the surface treatment and installation of nets and windscreens, and the Town plans to hold a grand opening once this has been completed.


Discussions Commenced: January 2022

Skatepark/Ice Rink Constructed: Summer 2022

Skatepark Equipment Completed: Summer 2022

Pickleball Court Completed: Summer 2023


Budget/Funding Sources:

CCBF 2022 

How does this benefit the community?

Many residents have already been enjoying use of the skatepark and ice rink, and we expect more residents to enjoy one of North America's fastest growing sports, pickleball!

Strategic Alignment:

Strategic Priority #2: Affordability

Strategic Priority #4: Enhance Town Appearance

Last Updated: June 21, 2023