Town Office


The Town Office will receive a new building and location to improve services provided to residents. The office will be wheelchair accessible, providing better access to Town employees and Council Meetings.


231 King Street


In 2004, the Village office moved into the old Noble Blade Manufacturing Building and has been located there ever since. The Village eventually gained Town status in 2018 as a result of their growing population. As the Town grew, so did its needs. Council currently conducts its Council meetings in the upstairs meeting room at the Community Complex, making it inaccessible to many individuals. A new Town office allows for Council and Administration to be located in one, barrier free building.

Council explored various options for a new Town office and ultimately decided upon purchasing the Rose Butte Apartments from the Province of Alberta with the intentions of renovating the building into a municipal office and Council Chambers. 


Options Explored: January 2023

Building Possession: September 2023

Renovations Started: TBA

Expected Completion: TBA



Budget/Funding Sources:

Capital Contingency Reserves 

How does this benefit the community?

A new Town office will allow for all day-to-day operations to be carried out more effectively, as well as reducing barriers between residents, Administration and Council. The new office will increase accessibility for those wishing to visit the office or Council meetings, as well as it will be in a convenient location, right beside the post office. The new office is to feature a welcoming reception area to improve services provided to residents and hopefully increase resident visits to reduce barriers.

Strategic Alignment:

Strategic Priority #2: Affordability

Strategic Priority #3: Communication

Strategic Priority #4: Enhance Town Appearance

Last Updated: June 21, 2023